Smart Technology 

Smart Water Metering 


  • RF based mesh network to interconnect water meters
  • Can be appended to existing meters
  • No huge monthly recurring charges
  • Detailed report for cumulative analysis of water consumption
  • Adaptable to work with multiple input lines to apartments
  • Real-time connectivity without internet/GPRS
  • Cloud based software to monitor from any part of world
  • Reduce water consumption at least by 35%

Smart Lighting 


  • Automated dusk to dawn operation.
  • Wireless RF mesh network to adjust the intensity of each light.
  • The intelligent power saving algorithm controls the brightness level according to climate situations, day light intensity and time of the day.
  • Control the lighting for layouts or streets from a web-based platform.
  • Define timetable or profile to manage the behavior of each light and group the lights based on profile.